2019 Honda Fit Pushing Closer To Type R Makeover!

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2017 has come to a close and it is considered as a below average year for the Honda Fit. The subcompact hatchback experienced a large drop in sales thus leaving Honda with three options.

Honda can choose to absorb the decline by keeping the Fit available for the coming years or they can axe the Fit entirely. If Honda wants to restore the Fit to its glory ways, then they will need to perform some changes on the car in order to make it attractive again.

The obvious says that Honda will be upgrading the Fit and make the vehicle interesting once more and rumours are quick to link the Fit with a Type R upgrade.

The word is that the next-gen Fit will get released towards the end of this year and it will mirror the offerings of the Civic. This means that we may see the Fit coming out with a performance-enhanced Si trim and a performance-focussed Type R trim.

The Fit Si is said to utilize the Civic—sourced 1.5L turbo-4 engine whereas the Type-R will have that same mill but with the addition of electric motors. As for the base Fit, word has it that the car will have a hybrid setup as a standard offering.

We see this as an exciting change for the next-gen Honda Fit and it may give the subcompact scene a big boost. On the other hand, the above is based on rumours hence we will take it with loads of salt until further confirmation from Honda.