2019 Hyundai Kona EV Shows What Mazda CX-3, Toyota C-HR Are Missing

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By now, most of you should be familiar with the name Kona. In case you never heard of it, the Kona is a major volume subcompact crossover from Hyundai and it is projected to go on sale in mid-2018.

As how you can see in the picture above, the Kona has a comical design which you will either love or hate. Design aside, the Kona is confirmed to arrive with a number of powertrain options to choose from and this includes an EV.

Hyundai confirmed on this earlier today when they shared that they the Kona EV will debut no later than 2018 The Kona EV promises to offer an electrical range that is no less than 240-milesand this is something that holds a great prospect for success.

We say so because subcompact crossovers are really popular these days and the Kona EV can leap straight to success due to the lack of competition. There is technically no EV subcompact crossover right now and this will grant the Kona a free pass in sales.

We are confident that many will consider adopting the Kona if the vehicle is truly able to return 232 miles of electric driving range with all while being priced reasonably.