2019 Hyundai Veloster Calls Out For A New Honda CR-Z!

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By now, most of you should have heard about the next-gen Hyundai Veloster and how the car is going to make its debut in the coming months. The unique sports hatchback was made known to the public via online leaks and it forced Hyundai to admit on the vehicle’s development.

The details are not out yet but reports are claiming that the next Veloster will arrive with two turbocharged engine options. The range-topping Veloster will come out with the ‘N’ moniker and it is expected to have an output of about 246hp.

It gets more interesting today when rumours started claiming that Honda has started working on a response for the next-gen Veloster – the CR-Z. The hybrid sports hatchback from Honda never managed to strike gold during its active years but Honda believes that the fortune of the CR-Z can change with the right amount of upgrades.

It was mentioned by the rumours that the next-gen CR-Z will be equipped with a Civic-sourced 1.5L turbo-4 engine and it will work together with an electric motor. Such a setup will allow the CR-Z to have an output that is no less than 250hp hence making it a perfect rival for the Veloster.

Despite being based on rumours, we would love to see it come true as it is always pleasant to have more affordable sports cars in the market. Make it happen Honda!