2019 Hyundai Veloster N: Where Art Thou?

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Hyundai has already confirmed that they are developing the Veloster N through the new generation Veloster and the vehicle promises to offer the best performance in the affordable sports car scene.

This brings us to the next major question, when can we witness the release of the Veloster N? With Hyundai not revealing much on this front, the rumours are divided with the claims which they have made on the car.

On one hand, reports are claiming that the Veloster N will debut early next year. On the other hand, the rumours are claiming that the Veloster N is being built for specific markets and the US is not part of it.

Well, today we can say that both reports are false because according to official news outlet from South Korea, the Veloster N will arrive in the US somewhere in Q4 this year. Production will commence in September 2018 and purchases can be made following that.