2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Wants To Start A New Luxury League

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If you think that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most expansive vehicle from Jeep, you might want to think again. The carmaker has revealed that they are building a brand new Grand Wagoneer and the vehicle is going to be the most expansive vehicle in their history.

As how it was teased by Mike Manley, the Grand Wagoneer is projected to arrive with a $130,000 price tag due to its modern classic and iconic styling. Inside the cabin, Jeep will take some tips fro Chrysler to offer the best luxuries with the vehicle.

The details are not out yet but the projected price point is just too high for a vehicle from Jeep. If the Grand Wagoneer is to meet the description above, it is hinting that Jeep wants to move on from the ordinary market and turn into a luxury utility carmaker.

Well, seeing Jeep having many issues with reliability, we don’t expect the carmaker to do well if it approaches the luxury market. A lot needs to be done before Jeep can start competing with the global luxury industry.