2019 Kia Sorento Can Do Off-Roading Like A Pro!

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When someone speaks of off-roading, the first car that will come to mind is the Jeep Wrangler. There is just little to no chance for the Kia Sorento to be in our visualization of all-terrain driving.

Well, that has changed today after a new advert from Kia proved that the Sorento is now a serious contender for being the best in the SUV scene. Aside from just having a plush interior and a brand new look, the 2019 Sorento can offer a real performer off-road.

The advert further proved this point when it shows the new Sorento going through one of the most challenging track here in the US – the Hell’s Gate in Utah.

Sure, one may argue that the video has been edited to not show any struggles with the Sorento but the fact that the SUV was able to complete the challenge is convincing enough to deem it a worthy SUV. Just see for yourself below.