2019 Lamborghini Urus: Early Mark-Ups Considered A Blessing?

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Ask any consumer about price mark-ups on newly launched vehicles and they will gladly share their hate towards it. It cannot be helped as price mark-ups will make the majority of consumers wait longer before they are able to purchase a particular vehicle at MSRP.

We have seen how price mark-ups affected the interested Honda Civic Type R buyers last year and it looks like a similar scenario will happen again this year, for the Lamborghini Urus.

Dubbed as the world’s best ‘super-SUV’, the first delivery for the Urus won’t happen until June 1, 2018. Even so, trying to purchase the vehicle new today won’t be possible and this is due to the pre-order allocations already being filled up.

There is a backdoor approach to this and that is through checking with a local Lamborghini dealer for the Urus but doing so may leave you off with a disappointed face. This is because most of the Urus in the pre-order list is purchased by the dealers and they are planning to sell the vehicle with a jacked-up price tag.

A couple of dealers from Germany have already made this public when they advertised the Urus online with a price tag that is double the MSRP. What surprised is that interested buyers are flocking to seal the deal as they believe that the mark-ups will be unbearable once Lamborghini starts delivering the Urus.

Seeing that the Civic Type R mark-ups were almost three-fold upon getting delivered, paying double for the Urus may sound like a blessing for early buyers.