2019 Lexus LC F: Taking Advantage Of Crumbling Nissan GT-R

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The Nissan GT-R has dominated the performance scene in the past decade but its aging offerings are signaling the end of an era. After years of being called the best supercar to come out from Japan, the GT-R is now at risk of losing this label to Toyota’s Lexus.

Lexus has confirmed on the development of the LC F and they want the car to do one better than the GT-R. The LC F promises to make its debut next year and it will be relying on the twin-turbo V8 engine. This will allow the LC F to develop more than 600hp, thus putting it in a strong position to become the new face of Japan’s performance car.

The icing on the cake is with the price of the LC F. While nothing has been revealed by Lexus on this front, a lot of leaks and insider reports are claiming that the car will retail well under $150,000. The figures are below the competition average and this gives the LC F that added value.

But of course, until Lexus unveils the LC F, it is best to take the above with a grain of salt. Even if the above is spot on, everything may seem meaningless should Nissan launch a new Nissan GT-R. Wouldn’t you agree?