2019 Lexus LC F vs Nissan GT-R vs Acura NSX: We Need A Race!

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The past decade has been all about the Nissan GT-R and this is owed to the car’s ability to go extremely fast all while retailing significantly below the market average.

Fast forward till today, the GT-R has shown little sign of progression and it looks like the competition has caught up with the car. Take the all-new Acura NSX for instance. The Japanese supercar is described as the most tech-advanced car yet and it has got the performance to back it up.

Soon, another name will look to take that crown from the aging GT-R and it is the Lexus LC F. Lexus has already said that the LC F will rely on a powerful 4L twin-turbo V8 with more than 600hp to offer. It is also worth noting that the LC F is aiming to be cheaper than rival vehicles.

Clearly, there is a lot of fight going on for the Japanese ultimate car crown and a race is needed to identify a winner. Will the aged GT-R be able to withstand the onslaught of these new names in the market? What sort of outcome do you expect?