2019 Lexus LC F Wants To Kill Off Nissan GT-R

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Nissan has enjoyed a lot of success with the GT-R but the vehicle’s aging offerings may see it getting destroyed by newer and better vehicles. We are specifically referring to the upcoming Lexus LC F, which is going to make its debut next year.

The next-gen LC F is said to come out running on a twin-turbo V8 and it will have more than 600hp to offer. The LC F will also be light in weight and this will greatly enhance performance on the roads.

On papers, the LC F promises to be more powerful than the Nissan GT-R and it is also aimed at affordability too. For the power which it has to offer, the LC F has a projected sticker price that is under $150,000.

If the above is spot on, the LC F looks set to take over from Nissan GT-R in becoming the best Japanese world beater on the performance scene. The best outcome would be to see Nissan forcing out a new generation GT-R as an answer to the LC F.