2019 Lotus Exige Sport 410: When Go-Kart Turns Road Legal!

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Lotus has a simple way of building cars – it is to use an existing setup before exploring at various ways to make it significantly lighter.

The methodology has not changed as the newly-announced Exige Sport 410 promises to walk down the same path. Lotus revealed on their website that the new Exisge Sport 410 takes a lot of inspirations from the track-focused Exige Cup 430.

The 410 in the name represents the power output which is at 410hp. Together with a dry weight of 1,054kg only, the Exige Sport 410 can hit 60mph from stop in an amazing time of 3.3 seconds.

We simply can’t imagine how Lotus can keep on amazing the world by producing lighter cars all the time. The Exige Sport 410, as it stands, is already a road-legal go-kart in our eyes.