2019 Mazda 3: HCCI Will Be The Standard For Next 15 Years!

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Most carmakers are hastening the development of EVs as they don’t want to fall out from the market but this is not the case for Mazda. The Japanese company has played down the rumors linking them with EV developments when they revealed that current EV technology is not worth venturing into.

Mazda explained that the EV driving range is now at a respectable level but there is still no known solution to how battery packs are disposed. Until the infrastructure and proper disposal methods have improved, Mazda won’t put their focus on electricity.

Today, Mazda stepped up to share that they HCCI will be the way of their cars in the next 15 years or so. The technology will debut with the next-gen SkyActiv-X engine and the next-gen Mazda 3.

With HCCI, the future Mazda 3 will have significant power and fuel economy improvements over the current model. The numbers are not out yet but rumors are linking it to be 30% better than the current-gen Mazda-3.

As for electric vehicles, Mazda revealed that they will start working on one somewhere in 2025 and have a complete electric line-up in 2035. Until then, HCCI will be their path.