2019 Mazda 3: Lean Towards Hybrid Instead Of Turbos!

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The latest Mazda 3 may not be as popular as the tenth generation Honda Civic but it is a very special vehicle in the affordable compact market. This is because the Mazda 3 can offer great balance in power and fuel economy without relying on turbochargers.

The latest Civic received a lot of love due to the new 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can develop 190hp and return up to 42mpg. The much older Mazda 3 is able to match this with its 2.5L high-compression inline-4. The mill can develop 184hp and also return about 42mpg of highway economy.

This particular setup has been around since 2013 and it is expected to get updated through a new generation Mazda 3 in 2019. There has been speculation about Mazda planning an even higher compression turbocharged mill for the next Mazda 3 but that will only raise the risk of catching fire.

Mazda may have yet to drop any details on the next-gen 3 but that is not stopping us from expecting a hybrid setup with the car. Mazda has said before that they have been researching an ideal hybrid system that can boost performance and we may see this system making its debut on the next-gen 3.