2019 Mazda 3 Shows No Love For EVs & Hybrids

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Mazda has confirmed that they are developing the next-gen Mazda3 and the upcoming compact car promises to be a leap forward in performance and fuel economy.

Rumors have been citing on the application of electric motors on the Mazda3 but this is not true at all. Mazda officially confirmed earlier today that the 3 won’t get electrified and the same can be said for their other vehicles.

Despite the proven fuel economy improvement with electrification, Mazda revealed that the EV trend is still not truly green. Mazda forecasted that there will be an issue with disposing old lithium batteries hence they are staying away from the electric trend.

Mazda then revealed that the upcoming Mazda3 will run on SkyActiv 2 engines with HCCI and this will drastically improve on performance as well as fuel economy. The full details on the Mazda3 will surface when the car makes its unveiling next year.