2019 Mazda CX-5 Will Make Diesels Go Obsolete

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Mazda is one of the few carmakers that are still pending to hop on the electric trend and today, the carmaker confirmed that EVs and hybrids are not in their plans at the moment.

Despite the clear craze for green cars, Mazda don’t feel that it is right for them to follow the auto trend as they believe that their SkyActiv engines can still improve on the economical side of things. The latest SkyActiv 2 mills are all rated highly for having the best balance in power and fuel economy thanks to a high compression system so how can things improve from here?

According to Mazda, their production vehicles that are coming out next year will all feature SkyActiv2 with HCCI. The latter is a technology that can help give gasoline mills diesel mileage. However, HCCI requires great accuracy in execution and this is why many stayed away from the technology.

For Mazda, they claimed to have found a breakthrough in HCCI technology and they can’t wait to show it to the world. Mazda revealed that the SkyActiv 2 HCCI will get demonstrated through the CX-5 as they want to show the marginal improvement over the diesel-powered CX-5.