2019 Mazda3: Android Auto Will Demand A Premium!

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If there’s one thing many would love to see Mazda do, it is to offer Android Auto with their cars. Mazda is basically one of the few carmakers that are still pending to pick up the phone-pairing trend and many are expecting this to change once the company launches the next-gen Mazda3.

Due to arrive later this year, the Mazda3 has already been previewed through the Kai Concept and the prototype hints on some big upgrades on the tech front. Any tech fan will say that the tech upgrades won’t be complete without Android Auto hence the expectations for the phone-pairing function to be offered with the Mazda3.

The best part about it is that Mazda USA has agreed with this when they spoke in an interview very recently ago. The company’s representative revealed that the next Mazda3 will have Android Auto, although there is still a catch.

The word is that Android Auto won’t be a standard feature and it will only be offered as an add-on option through the higher-end trims.

It may seem like Mazda is trying to milk money from Android Auto but the carmaker defended their move by claiming that they don’t want to disrupt the focus of driving of their cars.