2019 Mazda3: Big Shots Fired At Honda Civic!

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Come next-year, Mazda is expected to launch the next-gen Mazda3 and the compact car has the potential to damage the tenth-generation Honda Civic’s campaign in the market.

The latter is the current sales leader in the segment and its position is under threat by Mazda. The upcoming Mazda3 is said to rely on a new-gen SkyActiv engine that will work together with HCCI and this translates to significant improvement in power and fuel economy.

Today, Mazda offered more teasers on the upcoming 3 when they revealed that the new powertrain will enable the car to deliver between 10-30% more torque than the current model. Fuel economy may also improve by a margin of 6-11mpg and this is something worth anticipating.

The icing on the cake is with the dynamic driving experience. Mazda shared that the new engine technologies and components will not stop them from offering the next-gen 3 with manual transmission.

We don’t know about you but it sure sounds like the Mazda3 is going to boast more than 200hp and have a Prius-like ability for saving fuel. The manual option is good to have for those seeking more driving pleasure and the overall offering will make the Mazda3 more attractive than the Honda Civic.