2019 Mazda3 Can Bury Mazdaspeed… Permanently!

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Rest in peace Mazdaspeed hopefuls because it now looks impossible for Mazda to produce a new-generation Mazdaspeed 3. The Mazdaspeed idea has been buried by Mazda when they called it a childish product which was something they won’t venture into again.

Knowing that the masses will be disappointed by this, Mazda made some huge promises with the next-gen Mazda3. The carmaker revealed that the next-gen Mazda3 will look much like the Kai Concept that is pictured above and this has already captured the heart of enthusiasts.

The Kai Concept looks really good and the machine which it will run on has raised the expectations with the car. According to Mazda, the next-gen Mazda3 will rely on the SkyActiv-X engine with HCCI technology that will significantly boost power and fuel economy.

Furthermore, rumours are suggesting that the range-topping, performance variant will go down the Turbo route just like the Mazda6. We no longer need to sweat over the performance of the upcoming 3 although Mazda will still need to convince us with the power figures of the vehicle.