2019 Mazda3: Can Kai Put The Final Nail On Mazdaspeed’s Coffin?

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The current generation Mazda3 is a great compact car to own but it is missing a sportier model, or some would say a new generation Mazdaspeed 3.

The Mazdaspeed nameplate was introduced through the Mazda3 prior to 2010 but Mazda has since regretted that decision. The carmaker found the Mazdaspeed 3 to be a childish idea hence they have decided to axe the car.

The ditching of the Mazdaspeed moniker has left a lot of fans in distraught but they continue to hope for a new Mazdaspeed to get built eventually. For Mazda, they know there is a demand for a faster version of the 3 and their claim that the next-gen model will be fast indefinitely.

Mazda said that the next-gen Mazda3, which is based on the Kai Concept, will run on SkyActiv X and this is expected to boost fuel economy as well as power by a significant margin.

The current Mazda3 is already considered as an outdated car but for its age, the vehicle is pretty much on par with the tenth-generation Honda Civic. So if the improvements made to the next-gen model are going to be huge, then there is no doubt that fans can start forgetting about Mazdaspeed.