2019 Mazda3 ‘Driver-Biased’ Statement Backfires!

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The next-gen Mazda Mazda3 is one of the most anticipated cars right now and it is easy to understand why.

The Mazda3 promises to have the best looks in the compact car scene as per the Kai Concept and the new SkyActiv-X engine with HCCI will significantly boost its balance in power and performance.

We are also confident that the next-gen Mazda3 will make a good driver’s car as this is a priority for Mazda. The carmaker recently remarked that there are still contrastingly more drivers that wouldn’t want to pass their thrill of driving to an autonomous system hence they will ensure that their cars are made for drivers.

Such a remark has placed Mazda on a positive light – at least until today when the carmaker was found to have ended a deal with Laguna Seca. Previously known as Mazda Laguna Seca, the Japanese carmaker is no longer interested in being part of the popular track for reasons unknown.

One would say that it is due to financial reasons as Mazda is struggling with the expenses due to below average sales of the vehicles they have produced.

Seeing that track performance is the biggest appeal for driving enthusiasts, Mazda pulling out of Laguna Seca came as a shocker and it raised suspicion that their everyday vehicles are mostly rhetorical.