2019 Mazda3 Gets Mazdaspeed Boost By Mazda6!

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Mazda may not be the biggest volume carmaker but that is not stopping them from being one of the most exciting brands in the market right now.

Throughout this year, Mazda will be launching a number of new vehicles and none of them are more exciting than the next-gen Mazda3. The compact car from Mazda is already getting a lot of attention and this is due to the recently unveiled Kai Concept.

Mazda has said before that the next Mazda3 will have its design based on the Kai Concept hence we can assume it to have a stellar appearance. If that is not enough, Mazda has confirmed that the next Mazda3 will run on SkyActiv-X engine with HCCI technology. This setup will bring significant improvements to both power and fuel economy.

For those that are crying for the return of Mazdaspeed3, perhaps it is best to accept that there may not be a need for Mazdaspeed at all. This is because the range-topping Mazda3 is now linked to getting AWD and a turbocharged mill.

The idea surfaced online earlier today after Mazda confirmed that the 2018 Mazda6 will have AWD and a turbo-4 engine. The next Mazda3 may get a similar treatment and we can’t imagine the sort of performance which the setup will provide.

More details on this are expected to surface on the second-half of this year.