2019 Mazda3 May Bring Early Death To CX-3!

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Mazda has pulled the curtains off the Kai Concept and this prototype is said to be a preview of the next-gen Mazda3. As how you can see above, the Kai Concept looks beautiful and the performance which it has to offer is promising.

Mazda revealed that the next Mazd3 will adopt the new SkyActiv-X engine that will rely on HCCI technology to give power and fuel economy a significant boost. While no numbers were provided, speculations are rife in claiming that the next Mazda3 SkyActiv-X will have 210hp and return up to 53mpg in fuel economy.

Such a possibility basically makes the Mazda3 a huge favourite to become the best compact car when released. But then again, the Mazda3 may also end up hurting the CX-3.

Mazda has revealed at the LA Auto Show that they are investigating the possibility of launching the next-gen Mazda3 with AWD. All-wheel drive is something that is offered with the CX-3 hence seeing it on the Mazda3 may bring a sales block on its subcompact crossover sibling.

Think about it. The CX-3 is narrowly taller and it can’t perform as good as the Mazda3. Furthermore, the Mazda3 has got more comfort and cabin space to offer than its crossover sibling.

The only reason to get the CX-3 right now is to enjoy the AWD setup on the vehicle hence there is a chance for the crossover to close shop if Mazda decides to bring the Mazda3 AWD into the US through the next-gen model.