2019 Mazda3: No Android Auto, Apple CarPlay In Sight!

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Mazda is described by many as one of the few carmakers that have stayed true to the traditional ways of driving and this is why their production cars are all rated highly for the driving experience which they have to offer.

The Mazda3 is a great example of a superb everyday driver’s car as the vehicle can offer an outstanding performance without cutting a hole in the pocket. Later this year, a new generation model will arrive and it will bring significant improvements to power and fuel economy.

The next-gen Mazda3 will be relying on the new SkyActiv-X engine with HCCI technology and it is expected to have an output of about 220hp and the ability to return up to 53mpg.

This is really massive for an affordable compact car and it explains why the next Mazda3 is the drivers are looking forward too. But for the average consumers, they have made it known on several auto forums that performance is not exactly the priority.

For these folks, they want the Mazda3 to match the tech offerings on rival cars and this would include an infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The phone pairing features have turned into a basic necessity for average consumers but Mazda is still pending to offer them on their vehicles.

Rumours have pointed out that Mazda will only bring in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay once they have developed a new infotainment system and this is not going to happen with the 2019 Mazda3. In other words, the upcoming compact car is unlikely to arrive with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

It may sound like a deal-breaker to the consumers but we don’t think Mazda deserves any hate for it. The carmaker has pledged to cater to drivers and there is no point to driving if you are distracted by tech features. Make sense?