2019 Mazda3 Promises A Matured Mazdaspeed3!

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One of the things that Mazda’s fans are being deprived of is a new generation Mazdaspeed. It seems that there isn’t going to be a successor for the great Mazdaspeed3 at all as Mazda has called the car a childish idea that shouldn’t have happened.

Mazda was loud when commenting that they won’t dwell into building a new Mazdaspeed as the next-gen Mazda3 will be a better vehicle all-around. The latter is scheduled to arrive later this year and there are a lot of signs backing Mazda’s claims about it being better than Mazdaspeed.

For starters, the next Mazda3 will be offered with a variety of engines and the range-topping model is expected to feature a turbocharged variant of the SkyActiv-X engine – just like how it is with the latest Mazda6.

Mazda has yet to share on the potential power output of such setup but rumours are claiming the figures to be near borderline 300hp. If so, it will put the range-topping Mazda3 in the same bracket with the Mazdaspeed3.

The design of the next Mazda3 also looks promising, especially since the car is being based on the recently unveiled Kai Concept. The Kai Concept offers nice sporty take on the Kodo design language, something that is more appealing than the ‘trendy’ looks of the old Mazdaspeed3.

If the outcome of the next Mazda3 is to be as per above, then it is right to say that the vehicle is the natural successor for the Mazdaspeed3 but in a more mature appearance.