2019 Mazda3 Promises Audi Offering Without Android Auto

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Mazda have been actively provoking the boundaries of premium cars with their latest releases and this is expected to amplify when the carmaker launches the next-gen Mazda3.

The Kai Concept has already teased on some luxuries coming with the next Mazda3 and this involves the application of high-end technologies.

Today, we are able to get a better idea on this after a spy photo of the Mazda3’s cabin surfaced online and it pinpoints on a very neat interior layout. At a glance, we noticed the use of a pop-up infotainment system. Observing the photo further shows us on the use of a digital cockpit.

The latter is something which Audi has been offering on their cars and it looks like Mazda has taken some inspirations from it. A digital cockpit will be enough to convince the masses that Mazda is moving forward with their cars and it can also help explain Android Auto’s absence.

Mazda has repeatedly said that they build driver-oriented cars hence the unwillingness to offer Android Auto and the use of digital cockpit on the next Mazda3 will cement this statement.