2019 Mazda3 Shows No Love For Smartphone Users

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Most new cars today are equipped with an infotainment system that can pair with your smartphone through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The ability to pair your phone with your car is something that consumers love thus turning Android Auto and Apple CarPlay into a must have feature.

For Mazda, they still can’t see the strong demand for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and this explains why the Japanese carmaker has shown zero commitment to offer the two phone-pairing functions on their vehicles.

Rumours are indicating that this will change when Mazda launches the next-gen Mazda3 but we wouldn’t hope too much for it. This is because the reports from Japan have revealed that the next Mazda3 will still rely on the old infotainment system hence it is unlikely to have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The only way for the phone-pairing features to arrive on the Mazda3 is if a new generation infotainment system gets released by Mazda. This is something which the company would reserve for the next-gen Mazda6 due to the fact that the 6 has always been their flagship car.