2019 Mazda3: Time To Forget Mazdaspeed … Permanently!

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2018 is drawing closer and the year promises a number of exciting releases in the automotive industry. Aside from the heavy duty vehicles from Ford, Mazda is hoping to end 2018 on a high with the release of the next-generation Mazda3.

The upcoming Mazda3 is being pieced together based on the Kai Concept hence it is safe to assume that the vehicle is going to look great. Also, the Mazda3 will feature the new SkyActiv-X engine that will work together with HCCI technology.

Mechanical experts are claiming that this new setup from Mazda has the potential to bring out more power while also returning Prius-like fuel economy. The current Mazda 3 can offer close to 180hp and return 42mpg at best hence we can’t imagine how good things are going to be with its successor.

One other thing that we expect to happen is the absence of Mazdaspeed 3 and we don’t think that fans of the Mazdaspeed will be hurt by it. Mazda has said before that the next-gen 3 will be so good that there won’t be any need for the “childish” Mazdaspeed idea and this got rumours suggesting that there will be a performance-tuned 3 that relies on a turbocharged SkyActiv engine.

All in all, the next-gen Mazda3 has got a huge potential for success. If it does meet the expectations of the masses, we can expect the Mazdaspeed 3 loyal followers to finally accept the axing of the Mazdaspeed moniker.