2019 Mazda3 To Charge Extensively For Android Auto

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It is official. Android Auto is coming to the next-gen Mazda Mazda3 but it is a feature that won’t be easy for the average consumer to obtain at all.

Mazda has revealed in an interview very recently ago that Android Auto is against their vision for a driver-focussed car but they are forced to hop on the trend due to the overwhelming demand for it.

However, letting the Mazda3 operate with Android Auto on-board won’t be easy for the consumers. Mazda revealed that the feature will be restricted as an add-on that is only made available for the higher-end trims. It basically means that you need to pay a premium to enjoy the feature on the next-gen Mazda Mazda3.

You can call it whatever you like but if you’re into Android Auto and is desperate for the next-gen Mazda3, you will be forced to pay a premium fee for it.