2019 Mercedes G-Class Embraces Design Values Of Wrangler & Bronco

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Off-road vehicles keeps on getting better but one thing tends to remain the same. It is with the design of the off-road unit, an aspect which never really evolved.

Think about it. For decades already, the Wrangler has been looking like how it was back when it debuted. The only changes applied are with the measurements, curves, angles and technologies. Even the next-gen Wrangler will be easily recognizable if it is to go back to the time when the first ever Wrangler arrived.

The same can be said for the Ford Bronco. Ford may have yet to unveil the next-gen Bronco but they have already made it clear that the future Bronco will stick to the styling aspect of the last production Bronco. Ford will still give a modern touch to the off-roader but the main styling elements will allow us to recognize the vehicle with ease.

So when spy shots of the next Mercedes-Benz G-Class surfaced, we are not surprised to see it looking not too different from the current model. The next G-Class will still be boxy and the differences are very subtle. Even so, we can expect the a lot of refinements on the front of the vehicle like a slightly tweaked grille and a more angled light position.

We are not sure if changing the design of an off-roader is a secret taboo which we arenot aware about hence we would love to hear your opinion on the matter.