2019 Mercedes G-Class: Rugged Shell Brings Alien Interior

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When it comes to rugged off-road-capable SUVs, the Jeep Wrangler is at the very top of the chain as the vehicle is affordable and is also a proven performer. But when it comes to the most aggressive vehicle in the scene, many will agree when we say the title belongs to the Mercedes G-Class.

The G-Class has always been that monster on the road and it is also why the Russian mafia has great love for them. The only setback with the G-Class so far is that the vehicle is too focussed on the rugged side of things hence there is an absence of that typical Mercedes feel with the vehicle.

Soon, this is going to change for the better as a leaked photo that gives a glimpse of the G-Class’ interior saw the vehicle finally adopting some modern technologies. There is a GPS display on the dashboard and it is tipped to come with some terrain monitoring system that will assist with off-roading. The silver dash also gives a touch of premium and futurism inside the G-Class.

The full details on the G-Class are expected to get released next year and we can’t wait to check out the vehicle in person.