2019 Mercedes X-Class: Evidence Shows A Much Bigger Offering!

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is described as a pickup truck that spares a lot of thought for luxuries and little on utilities. This setup has convinced many that the X-Class is just a cash-grab project from Mercedes, targeted at badge-buyers.

True enough, the X-Class is largely based on a pickup truck from Nissan and it also runs on a Renault-made engine. The only Mercedes bits are with the design, technology and interior finish – things that are also limited to the higher-end trims in the X-Class family.

Sure, the X-Class may have exhibited decent off-roading ability but the utility aspect of the vehicle is still considered weak by pickup truck lovers. This explains why the critics can be really harsh in regards to the X-Class.

Well, Mercedes has apparently heard the negative feedback and it looks like they are now trying to fix it. Soon, the X-Class will be welcoming a new range-topping trim and the vehicle promises more refinements made to the powertrain.

The details on this are unclear, at least until today when new spy shots have surfaced online to confirm that the upgraded X-Class will also feature a longer bed. If this is to mean anything, Mercedes is hoping to turn up the utility volume on the X-Class without minimizing on the luxuries.

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