2019 Nissan Frontier Finally Bringing In Some Fresh Air!

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How long has it been since Nissan launched a completely new Frontier? Well, we don’t have to dwell into calculations because all of that won’t matter since the upcoming Frontier is going to be a new generation model.

The confirmation was made by Nissan earlier today when the carmaker shared that a completely new Frontier will be making its debut late in 2018. This means that the next-gen model will be marked as a 2019 vehicle and we can’t wait to check out what it has to offer.

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The above image is the only clue to what we have on the next-gen Frontier and from it we can see that the vehicle will take in a lot of influence from the Navara. The Frontier is expected to have improved overall performance and we sure hope for a bulletproof offering like how it is with the current model.

It will be interesting to see how the next Frontier is received by the market since it will come out in the same year Ford launches the next-gen Ranger here in the US. Are you excited?