2019 Subaru Impreza, WRX, Forester Set For Limited Edition Makeover!

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Be it the Impreza or the Forester, every car that is actively getting produced by Subaru this year will be getting a limited edition variant next year.

The confirmation was made by Subaru earlier today when they revealed that they will be offering a 50th Anniversary Edition of their actively produced vehicles next year. The name says it all as the move to produce these limited edition models is to celebrate Subaru’s 50th birthday.

It is unsure on what the likes of the Impreza, WRX and Forester will have when in the Anniversary guise. The details are being reserved for a later date but we are not expecting much from it.

Personally, we predict some refinements made to the vehicles on the cosmetic end and the handling bits. There won’t be any mechanical changes so you shouldn’t anticipate one.