2019 Subaru WRX STI Snubs Focus RS For Safety

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After being defeated by the Ford Focus RS, Subaru has gone back to the drawing board to plan out the next-gen WRX STI. The car is tipped to arrive before 2020 and many are expecting it to have way more power to offer.

Well, if the latest Impreza is anything to go by, the future WRX STI may not be all about power. The WRX STI has always been closely developed to the Impreza and the latest Impreza is suggesting a move to make sports cars much safer than before.

The next WRX STI will get built on a brand new platform that was introduced through the latest Impreza and it is one that is 70% stiffer than before. On top of that, the new platform will enable the WRX STI to receive a mild power upgrade.

Whether it will be enough to challenge the Ford Focus RS remains to be answered but the certainty is that the next-gen WRX STI will be the safest sports car yet.