2019 Toyota Avalon Proves Toyota Can’t Do Normal!

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What you’re looking at above is the first official photo of the 2019 Toyota Avalon and just glancing at it is enough to tell you that the car has got a brand-new. But what follows after that (at least for us) is a long hard staring contest at the car as our brain can’t process the design of the vehicle.

The Avalon has got a fresh new appearance and this is a good thing. The bad thing here is that the design is hard to swallow. This is pretty much the case for every sedan produced by Toyota and we simply can’t understand why the company can’t be normal when designing their cars.

The Avalon has got a normal structure with a pretty standard rear design. But the front has got a very busy setup where the grille gets expanded to fill up the area of the lower bumpers.

There are bound to be a crowd that would love such design but not us. Heck at this point of time, we don’t even know if labelling Avalon as ugly would be the right thing to do. There’s too much weirdness with Toyota that it is making us feel like we are the weird ones here.