2019 Toyota Supra Avoids Design Botch With BMW Parts!

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Toyota is one of the world’s biggest automakers around and despite having a strong reputation for offering reliable and affordable cars, the company has often failed in building good-looking vehicles.

In the case of the upcoming Toyota Supra, fans of sports cars can be at ease because the vehicle has successfully avoided the potential of looking unattractive. The next-gen Supra has got its concept unveiled earlier this year and it confirms on a decent exterior design for a sports car.

If that is not exciting enough, Toyota’s collaboration with BMW in developing the Supra has also confirmed on a great-looking interior. This is something that has yet to be highlighted by the Japanese carmaker but a spy shot has surfaced online to confirm that the Supra’s interior will appear like it was made by BMW.

The spy shot basically shows a dash design that one would say is typical from a BMW and this is considered as a positive sentiment. You can check out the spy shot below.

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