2019 Toyota Supra: Beat The Tundra Or Be Another 86!

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The expectations are high with the next-gen Toyota Supra as the car is being developed alongside the BMW Z4 and it has been a long while since Toyota produces a pure sports car.

Toyota has failed miserably with the 86 hence they need a comeback and the Supra offers that opportunity. Many are talking about how the Supra will compete with the Honda Civic Type R and such but feel that it is more important for the car to beat the Toyota Tundra.

Believe it or not, the Tundra is currently the fastest vehicle in Toyota’s line-up hence the Supra needs to perform better if it wants to live up to its sports car status.

Failing to do so will only damage Toyota’s performance reputation further and it may also make the Supra redundant in this highly competitive package. In other words, anything slower than the Tundra will make the Supra being no different from the Toyota 86. Wouldn’t you agree?