2019 Toyota Supra: Can You Spot The GT86?

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Over the past year or so, we have been seeing a number of spy shots claimed to be the next-gen Toyota Supra. The problem with this is that some of the shots are inaccurately labelled as the Toyota Supra as it contradicts to previous shots.

If you are to check out the latest shots that have surfaced on the web, you might agree with us when we say that the prototype is being mislabelled as a Supra. If you fail to see it, let us point it out for you.

Remember the Supra spy video that went viral a couple of months ago? Well, the latest spy shots look very different from the model in the video thus suggesting it to be a totally different car. We also find the proportions to look more like the GT86 and the car looks too small to be a Supra.

With the Subaru partnership all dried up regarding any further developments with the FRS-GT86, it would make more sense for Toyota to develop a successor for the 86 at this point of time.

We are not saying that the Supra is not happening but it is that the latest spy shots don’t seem to be the car it is claimed to be. But of course, we could be wrong and would love to hear your thoughts on the above.