2019 Toyota Supra Facing Acura NSX Dilemma!

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The next-gen Supra is the most anticipated car from Toyota right now and the vehicle is expected to make its debut later this year. Like how it was back in the 90s, the Supra promises to arrive with a performance that can challenge entry-level supercars.

However, the question which fans of the Supra would love to know the answers to is the price-point of the car. Toyota has made it clear many times already that they only build cars that are affordable and reliable – even when the vehicle in question is made to go fast.

The latest Toyota 86 strengthened this claim further when it came out with plenty of fun to offer despite being underwhelming on pure power.

But then again, rival Honda has made a bold move to turn the NSX into a supercar that retails beyond $100,000. This alone has bred fears that the Supra is going to walk down the same path. So, will the Supra morph into a supercar or will it be an affordable performer?

There is no certainty at the moment but judging from insider reports, the Supra is going to be an affordable performer. Insiders have been claiming that the Supra will be offered in multiple setups hence we can expect the vehicle to have broad pricing range.

However, it is still best to wait for the official confirmation and that is expected to happen when the annual Geneva Motor Show kicks off tomorrow.