2019 Toyota Supra Gets Naked From The Inside

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the next-gen Toyota Supra and many can’t wait to check what the vehicle will have to offer.

The things we know thus far is that the Supra will share plenty of parts with the upcoming BMW Z4 and it has two potential powertrain outcomes. The first is a hybrid setup as how it was highlighted in several spy videos while the second is an inline-6 engine sourced from BMW.

The design of the vehicle will be very close to the concept that was unveiled by Toyota very recently ago and today, we can add the interior to that list.

A new batch of spy shots have surfaced online and it gives us a good look at the interior of the production-ready Toyota Supra. To our surprise, the design of the cabin has got a lot of BMW vibe to it. The steering wheel, pop-up infotainment system and digital cockpit is akin to the new vehicles from BMW.

You can see it for yourself below.

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