2019 Toyota Supra Is At Risk Of Being A Glorified Toyota 86!

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One would say that Toyota has lost the meaning of performance and sportiness since all of their vehicles are tuned for unbeatable reliability and fuel economy.

Well, Toyota actually disliked this claim and this is proven earlier this year when they pledged to launch more performance-tuned vehicles in the near future. Everything will start with the release of the next-gen Toyota Supra that is currently being developed alongside the BMW Z4.

Thanks to the spy shots surrounding the Supra, we can say that the vehicle is nearing its debut although we are still clueless on the sort of powertrain that will feature with the vehicle.

Well, whatever it is that rests under the hood of the Supra, it is important for the sports car to outpace the Toyota Tundra or risk being a failure like the Toyota 86.

In case you are unaware, the Tundra is currently the fastest car in Toyota’s line-up and this is owed to the TRD Supercharger that is now offered as an add-on for the large pickup truck. The upgrade can allow the Tundra to hit 60mph in sub-4-seconds, a figure that is out of reach for a pure sports car like the 86.

It is just plain embarrassing to be a sports vehicle but without the speed to outpace a pickup truck. Hence, the Supra must make it a priority to be the fastest vehicle in Toyota’s line-up. Anything short of this will see the vehicle getting bashed on like the 86.