2019 Toyota Supra May Borrow V6 From Lexus!

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Both Toyota and BMW have been working together to produce the next-gen Supra and Z4 for years now but there has yet to be any major reveals on the two performance cars. Well, that is no longer the case today as BMW America’s Ludwig Willisch has decided to offer more clues on both vehicles.

The lad revealed in an interview today that the next Z4 will still be called the Z4 and this has nothing to do with the number of cylinders on the engine which it will run on. If this is to mean anything, the Z4 is likely to come out running on a 6-pot machine.

The same can be said for the next-gen Supra since the sports car is developed alongside the roadster. The Supra may get equipped with a twin-turbo V6 and it may be one that is sourced from Lexus. A performance-tuned V6 is already a rarity in Toyota’s camp hence it will only be right for Toyota to borrow the twin-turbo V6 from the upcoming Lexus LS.

If this is going to be the outcome, the next-gen Supra will be able to churn out 415hp and 442ft-lbs of torque. The figures are certainly attractive for a sports car thus making it likelier to happen. What do you think?