2019 Toyota Supra Needs To Destroy Toyota Tundra, Here’s Why

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The Supra is the next major sports car to come from Toyota and many can’t wait to check out what the vehicle will have to offer. While the details are said to be reserved for the LA Auto Show later this month, we don’t need to wait for that to assume the car’s priorities.

As how we mentioned in the title above, the next-gen Supra needs to beat the Toyota Tundra. It is important for the car to do so because the Tundra is currently the fastest vehicle in Toyota’s line-up.

Ever since Toyota started offering the TRD Supercharger as an add-on option for the Tundra, the large pickup truck can offer insane acceleration thus making it the fastest vehicle from Toyota at the moment.

With the Supra being a pure sports car, it needs to offer something much more spectacular than the Tundra. Anything short will put the vehicle at risk of getting bombarded with heavy criticism just like how it is for 86.