2019 Volvo S60 Promises To Steal E-Class Thunder!

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The luxury midsized sedan market has long been dominated by the German big three but this is not expected to last. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed names like Lexus, Jaguar and even Volvo making big leaps in the luxury scene and the trend looks set to continue in the future to come.

Volvo, in particular, has found massive success with its SUVs and they are now on the path of revamping their sedan line-up with newer models. After unveiling the V60 very recently ago, we are now able to get a good look at the wagon’s sedan twin, the S60.

A photo of the next-gen S60 was shared on Volvo’s Twitter and while it may be hidden under camouflage, we can still spot some interesting things on the car.

At a glance, you can see that the S60 has the same design language with the latest S90. But instead of being a rescaled version of Volvo’s luxurious saloon, the S60 has got more flair to its appearance due to having a sloping roofline.

The setup gives the S60 a coupe-like vibe although the car’s primary structure is still that of a midsized sedan. Another thing that is for certain is that the S60 will mirror the powertrain offerings on the upcoming V60 which means that you can look forward to seeing the car running on a hybrid setup as well as a twin-charge variant.

All that is left is for Volvo to price the S60 competitively and if they are able to nail it, we don’t see why the car can’t turn into a mass-market seller that can have a negative impact on the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-Series.