2019 Volvo S60: The S90 That You Can Drive

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It has been two years since Volvo launched the S90 and we can confirm that the executive luxury saloon is a success on the sales front. Sure, the S90 may not be at the levels of the Mercedes S-Class or the BMW 7-Series but it still manages to achieve respectable sales figures.

Those that bought the S90 admitted that they are attracted by the Scandinavian interior finish and the sharp-looking exterior styling. As for the majority of Volvo fans, they really like the S90 but have decided against trying to buy the car due to the vehicle’s profile of requiring a chauffeur.

This brings us to the next major vehicle from Volvo, the S60. The midsized luxury sedan has been confirmed to be in development and the vehicle is due to go on sale later this year.

Now, spy shots have surfaced online and they have allowed us to confirm that the next-gen S60 will have the same design language that is used on the S90. There are of course some mild changes here and there, and those changes injected more sporty elements onto the S60.

It goes to say that the S60’s balance in sportiness and premium on its styling makes it more fitting of being driven on the daily rather than getting chauffeured around. When the S60 arrives, it is likely to share the same powertrain options with the XC60 and the car will be competing with the 5-Series.


  1. Gerald

    March 20, 2018 at 8:07 am

    I rarely comment, but the reporter has gotten all the facts wrong! The S 60 compete with the 3 series, not the 5 series. The S 90 compete with the 5 series, and not the 7 series. Also, sales of the S 90 haven’t been great. Where are you getting your fax from?

    • Eddy E

      March 21, 2018 at 2:03 am

      What about the S40 or am I forgetting something here?