2020 Corvette C8: New Leak Hints On Supercar Status!

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It is no secret that Chevrolet is working on a brand-new mid-engine Corvette C8 and many are curious to see what the vehicle has to offer. To be more precise, the enthusiasts are keen to find out how much Chevrolet will price the upcoming Corvette C8.

This is a topic that has been debated a number of times on major automotive forums and the auto fans are pretty much divided on the expectations. On one hand, the crowd believes that the C8 won’t be expansive for the power which it has to offer – something that is typical of a Corvette.

These folks believe that the C8’s mid-engine setup won’t hand the car supercar status. It will instead function like the Porsche 911.

As much as we would love to see that come true, there is a greater chance for the Corvette C8 to end up being GM’s pure supercar to compete with the Audi R8 and primarily the Ford GT.

This expectation has been strengthened after a new spy video highlights on a the C8’s supercar-like measurements, styling cues and potential large mill. You can see it for yourself below.