2020 Dodge Viper Is FCA’s Worst Kept Secret?

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About a couple of years ago, Fiat-Chrysler pulled the plug on the Dodge Viper’s production and it left the fans in a state of sadness. The discontinuation of an American icon left a strong impact in the market but it won’t be a permanent move at all.

According to an insider report from Car&Driver, FCA is actually working on the next-gen Viper and the vehicle is tipped to make its debut via concept form next year. C&D claims that their source is someone who has got strong connection with the company and the person that relayed the information has a strong record for being spot on with his findings.

With that in mind, the Viper’s axing is only temporary and the emotional impact it leaves will hand the next-gen model an advantage of getting a strong reception from the market.

If true, we would have to say that the Viper’s axing is probably FCA’s worst kept secret yet and this is especially when the company’s 5-year-strategy meeting last week does not reveal on a new Viper in the works.