2020 Mercedes CLA Promises A Predictable Offering!

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Predictable is pretty much the single most accurate word to describe the next-gen Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class. The latter is slated to make its debut somewhere in 2020 but spy shots have basically confirmed on the design of the vehicle today.

The latest spy came in the form of a video and it saw a CLA-Class prototype being driven over in Europe. Despite having thick camouflage covering the body, the headlight shape, grille shape and taillights managed to make it easy to imagine how the finalized product will look like.

The design elements are simply identical to the upcoming A-Class sedan but it will have some mild design changes that are inspired by the upcoming CLS-Class. The only mystery left is its interior, which we personally hope is a big upgrade over the boring offering on the current CLA-Class.

The predictable design is pretty much disappointing but this is pretty much the case for German luxury carmakers. They simply have the habit of making repetitive approach with their cars hence it cannot be avoided.