2020 Tesla Roadster Caught With Ugliness All Over

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What you’re looking at above is a picture of the next-gen Tesla Roadster in prototype form – the first of its kind to wander on public roads for testing.

The picture basically shows how ugly things are for the next-gen Roadster but we are not referring to the car’s design at all. The future Roadster has got the looks and it is something which we can commend Tesla for.

The ugly bit is with the situation that the prototype is caught in as per the picture above. The photo came with the tag “broke down”, which means that the Roadster can’t complete its first road test due to part failures.

The details on what went wrong for the Tesla Roadster prototype are unclear at the moment but we can expect some fix to happen soon.

What amazed us more is that the car is already undergoing test within months after its announcement and this suggests that the next Roadster will arrive sooner than expected.