2020 Tesla Roadster Turns SpaceX Into A Performance Branding!

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Tesla’s decision to send the Roadster into space via the SpaceX program was thought to be a meaningless stunt at first but now, we are able to see the bigger picture at play.

It was revealed by Elon Musk earlier today that the next-gen Roadster will be offered with an optional performance package and it will be called SpaceX. It goes to confirm that SpaceX will turn into an exclusive performance brand supporting Tesla like how AMG is for Mercedes and the M-Division is for BMW.

The details on the performance package is unclear but Elon did tease it to be nothing like the world has ever seen before. The preview for the next-gen Roadster points to a 0-60mph timing of 1.8 seconds and Elon claims that it will be significantly faster with the SpaceX tuning.

We simply can’t imagine the potential performance of the next-gen Roadster at this point and we will need to wait until next year for the official details. Are you excited?